Young L LED wood desk lamp

「陪伴你一個人閱讀的獨處時光。」是這盞燈設計時的情境勾勒。簡單的外型線條,搭配木皮的溫暖質感,呈現出這盞燈樸質的性格。將 LED 與觸摸開關等電子線路,設計在 13mm 的曲木裡,藉由觸摸木皮表面來調整 LED 的亮度。底部彎曲弧度的細縫設計,依循材質的特性,自然融合在造型中,是此盞燈設計的精隨。冷空氣由縫隙進入燈體,利用冷、熱空氣的對流原理,解決內部散熱問題。


Young L is a LED desk lamp made of natural wood. With touch dimmer inside, users can easily adjust brightness by simple touch. The bamboo between walnut veneer harden the structure with it’s strength. The gaps between different layers at the corner become air hole for the convection of airflow inside the lamp, which can dissipate the heat of LED light.


尺寸 / Size : 32.9 (H) x 32.1 (L) cm

材質 / Material:胡桃木、竹 / walnut , bamboo

光源 / Lighting:1 x 3W warm white LED

功能 / Function:無段式觸摸調光 / touch dimming

型號 / Model:AG002s

 10,800 TWD

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