Play Design Hotel was awarded the 2019 Old Building New Life Award - Special Mention in Stories! | 玩味旅舍榮獲2019 台北老屋新生大獎【故事特別獎】

November 27, 2019

今年的台北老屋新生大獎以「台北溫度」為主題,帶大家認識許多在改建後跳脫一般居住/商用空間,進而連結人與人互動的老屋改造案例。從 95 件精采的老屋新生作品篩選出 15 件入圍作品,最後玩味旅舍獲得了 2019 年老屋新生大獎的《故事特別獎》!故事特別獎是呼應「台北溫度」主題強調的「公共性」所增設的三項特別獎之一,核心精神為凸顯經營單位如何透過空間體驗對人傳遞空間及街區故事。 


This year, with the topic “The Warmth of Taipei”, the 2019 Old Building New Life Award aims at discovering renovated living/business places that connect people and create interactions. From 95 amazing applicants, there are 15 places nominated to the final round, and Play Design Hotel won the “Special Mention in Stories”. It is one of the 3 additional awards that emphasize “the public contribution” corresponding to “The Warmth of Taipei” theme. The core idea about this special award is to spotlight on those teams who provide experiences and tell stories about buildings and neighborhoods. 







The Chien-Shun Building which Play Design Hotel locates in was a 40 years-old hotel called “Ho-Tai Hotel”. Play Design Hotel Team took over the last hotel floor of Ho-Tai Hotel, kept some designs in 70’s and renovated it into an “inhabitable Taiwan design gallery”.  All 5 theme rooms are with different design selections from Taiwan design brands. The 5 rooms tell 5 stories about local design industry in Taiwan. By curating and in-depth tour guiding, Play Design Hotel had become a unique start point to learn and experience Taiwanese culture.  


玩味旅舍 MIT 3.0 – Local Fun 在地瘋主題房。









The so-called stories are those tiny little things in life intertwined with time, and by involving and experiencing those playful moments, people could finally tell stories to enrich a place. An old building is a container for stories. Those attractive old buildings in Taipei, contained lots of cultural aesthetics and legacies, gradually become the landscape that we get used to but unfamiliar with. 

In Play Design Hotel, we provide not only “the living with Taiwan design experience”, but also designed a nearby map introducing Dadaocheng and Chifeng street as a special gift for our guests. This map shows the new Taipei and old Taipei near us, and extend the experience to the local streets and community we are in. 

Every day, we tell stories about this neighborhood with the map we designed, we enjoy chatting with our guests from all over the world, inviting them to explore and discover the usual and unusual things in this area, and hence create their own Taiwan stories. 








It was the “Taipei City New Look Award” since 2001, which pay tribute to many renovated old buildings. Started from 2012, it was renamed to “Old Building New Life Award” officially. Every year, the award team keep discovering places which renovated from old buildings. It has gradually become famous for its great contribution to community building and the inheritance of history and culture. 


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Play Design Hotel was awarded the 2019 Old Building New Life Award - Special Mention in Stories! | 玩味旅舍榮獲2019 台北老屋新生大獎【故事特別獎】

November 27, 2019

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