The Power of Goodness in the Seasons of Sharing: The Creative Project of AGOOOD

December 21, 2016



剛剛成功完成募資的「翻轉被隱藏的天賦 | 點點善陪伴創作行動」,在短短的半年時間,已經舉行了 25 場以上的共同創作活動,陪伴憨兒創作六千多幅畫作,而這些創作成果已實現為系列產品。這些產品包含由憨兒與設計師共同創作的「善能量糖霜餅乾」、「善能量濾掛咖啡」、「泰善良包包」及「善能量名信片」等。視覺上結合憨兒創作的五個角色:好奇的魚頭先生、真誠的小黃、勇敢的犀牛隊長、幽默的貓頭鷹、快樂的開心果,每個形象都含有憨兒們獨特的筆觸與想像力,並經由設計巧思呈現完整的視覺概念。玩味旅舍也共襄盛舉,希望傳達「社會設計」的理念,並將把參與募資得到的「善能量回饋品」分享給玩味的旅客們,作為今年聖誕週末的訂房禮物。


Agoood, a team devotes in social design, has succeeded in FlyingV crowdfunding with its creative project cooperated with mentally retarded people. Within 6 months, it has accomplished more than 25 collective work events, and created more than 6,000 paintings, which have been physically realized in design products. The design products consist of cookies, coffee bags, postcards and tote bags, which are designed with the images of lovely animals created by the members with mental retardation. The paintings by the members with mental retardation are rich in creativity and originality, and the images are realized in design products by sophiscated Taiwan designers. Play Design Hotel is keen promote the idea of social design, and has contributed to the fundraising project. We will share the return for the contribution—the “Power of Goodness” design products—with friends of Play Design Hotel, and distribute them as the Christmas gifts for our lodgers on the Christmas weekend.






The notion of “social design” underlies designer’s role and responsibility in society, and the use of the design process to facilitate social change. With this, Agoood has successfully connected people with mental retardation, social workers, designers and the society through the practice of “companionship.” People of different social roles accompany those with mental retardation to draw and create, and the paintings will be transformed into delicate design products by the design team led by director Pili Wu. By the same token, the products, which inherited the spirit of the people with mental retardation and the designers, will be part of our daily life and keep us company. The mutual benefit, mutual companionship achieved by the project, will be transform into social energy and business model bit by bit.


吳孝儒從驚艷於憨兒的繪畫天份,並從「設計在社會上的立基點是什麼?」這樣的提問出發,在公益面之外、也在設計面竭盡心思,希望在最少的設計干涉下,將憨兒的畫作從素樸的人文關懷導向設計與商業並存的生產模式。在這之前他與陶作坊合作的「喜飾」系列商品,2016 臺北世界設計之都合作「設計好行」,喜瑞飯店的「雙喜」計畫,或即將與台創製作節日相關商品(如紅包袋)等其他計畫,都在不同面向與產業類別中實驗憨兒畫作運用的可能性。「點點善」共創計畫後有了更成熟的執行方向,包含在「共好商品」的框架中計畫將五小福形象發展為授權、或協助企業代製商品等運用模式,未來也將構思全方位式的咖啡廳,結合商業運作、工作執行、商品展示、創作互動空間等多功能平台。


Pili Wu was fascinated by the talent of the people with mental retardation, he departed from the inquiry into  “what is the role of design in society,” tried to find the balance between public interest  and design, and realized his ideas into a practice of design process, while leading the project develop into a substantial business model. Before this, he has participated in various business projects and experimented the different aspects of the paintings by those with mental retardation. The Agoood creative project has succeeded in finding its own business model combined with public interest and the empowerment of social minorities. It will keep experimenting on building a multi-functional space for the future projects and seeking for best interest for the society.




Play Design Hotel has devoted in thinking the possibility of connecting the lodgers and designers, international travelers and Taiwan Design, design culture and local community, and to inter-reference and mutually accompany between various cultures and social roles. The spirit and meanings delivered by Agoood creative project will be transformed into sharing feelings as Christmas gifts for our friends, even more, will be our reference for the continuous efforts in bringing design and hotel innovation and appreciation.




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