Ways of Seeing in the Light of Design: |in sight|- META Design Lighting Fixture Exhibition

December 15, 2016

向光學習新的觀看角度:|in sight|META Design 木質燈具展


走上朋丁三樓的展場,站在樓梯口一入眼簾的是木頭特有的暖色調,彷彿再往前踏一步就會聞到木頭香氣。然而藏在木質燈具後頭的不是味道而是光線,幽幽地從各種令人玩味的位置探出,流淌在木質框架周圍。如果「光」有聲音,我能想像「|in sight|META Design 木質燈具展」中的每盞燈具,都有著獨特訴說光的語彙、或能以光譜出不同音調。但展場整體是安靜的,木頭的沈穩靜謐更加襯托出光線的存在,以一種十分節制的方式互不干擾。


Stepping into the exhibition hall on the 3rd floor of Pon Ding, what you encounter is the warm tone of wood design, which makes you feel like there will be a wave of wood smell in front of you. However, instead of the appealing smell, what hides behind the wood is the light, coming from unexpected location of and surrounds the wood frames. If the light could speak, it should speak the unique language of light; if it could sound, it should play delightful music. But the exhibition hall has a quiet setting, all the lighting design works are assembled in perfect harmony, while each of them has unique design and characteristic, in a moderate manner.



這種節制來自設計上的巧思,如 META Design 自我期許的,希望產品可以自然、舒適、不突兀的融入生活,透過設計發現「燈」與「光」微妙的關係。因此展覽即使將所有燈具作品集中在一處,也能彼此融入、相互輝映。還有另一種節制也展現在燈具以外的設置上,那是以回收棧板為材料製作的展櫃與燈具組料,低調而稱職地為品牌精神代言。


The moderateness comes from the deft design. As the brand META Design self-motivate in making products that can be in harmony with daily life, and can help people (re)discover the delicate relationship between a lamp and light. Therefore, even the exhibition is an assemblage of all the lighting fixtures, all of them are in right place and embrace each other. There is another kind of moderateness presented in the exhibition setting: the shelves for display, and the material for some lighting fixtures are made from recycled pallets, which express the eco-friendly spirit of the brand.



在簡約質樸的氛圍裡,你無法忽略每件作品的獨特存在。如形態優美極簡的 Uncle L,其原型是 META Design 設計總監鄭遠揚最初的作品,L身形沒有多餘的點綴,但不乏設計思考。在轉折彎曲處可以窺見 7 片木料的扇狀組合痕跡,實際上是以 28 片木(竹)片(七片各有四片)疊合;且扇狀部分不僅是美感擔當,更與上端 LED 燈源相通,為散熱助力。Square 系列則挑戰燈具的理所當然,讓你找不到光、更找不到開關,你要怎麼提、怎麼放都沒有一定的規則。I Can 藏在展場一角,有別於其他作品多了金屬和水泥助陣,設計視覺上多了一分篤定,驕傲於自身能夠隨意調整燈罩高度、角度與燈光明暗。還有一排小精靈般的 Whims ,也是這次代表出席「那盞,是屬於我的燈」工作坊的組裝燈具,小小身軀裡,每個 META Design 自豪的材料、功能、技術都不少。


The simple and moderate surroundings highlight the uniqueness of each design work. For example, “Uncle L,” developed from a prototype designed by the brand director Yaungo Cheng, has a simplistic and elegant appearance, but the gaps between different layers at the corner function as air hole for the convection of airflow inside the lamp, which can dissipate the heat of LED light. While “Square” series challenges the conventional idea of a lamp; with the “Where is light from?” people raise the interest of light. “I Can” solely locates in an exclusive corner of the exhibition hall, declares its pride that “I Can Dim. I Can Rotate. I Can Adjust the Height and Angle.” There are also “Whims,” represents the lighting fixtures at the workshop and the sophisticated design of the brand.


當問起鄭遠揚品牌名稱的由來時,他大方分享了自己閱讀 John Fowles 的後設小說《蝴蝶春夢》的經驗/驚豔,一個勇於跨界與解構、又富有人情與巧思的品牌於焉而生。而此次展覽不同於 META Design 其他設展,有品牌歷史意義、也有強調人文的寄望。更難得的是聖誕節當天雖然即將迎來展覽尾聲, META 傾力相陪,有現場導覽還有最後一場燈具組裝工作坊,我們樂切推薦大家一同參與這個特別的展覽活動,找到屬於你的一盞燈光。


Yaungo metioned the brand name is inspired by his reading experience and amazement of John Fowles’ metafiction The Collector, which gives birth to a brand that encourages the spirit of cross-boundaries and destruction, while having good sense of humanity and design. |in sight|is different from other exhibitions of Meta Design, for its historical meaning and its promise to arts and culture. In addition to the lighting design, there are exhibition tour guided by designers and the lighting-making workshop; all the fabulous events will happen on Christmas day. We sincerely invite you to join the exceptional experience of design, and to find your own lighting inspiration!





展覽資訊 Exhibition Info 


展期 / Period:2016. 11. 25 (Fri.) ~ 12. 25 (Sun.)

時間 / Time:11:00~20:00

地點 / Venue:朋 丁 pon ding(台北市中山區中山北路一段53巷6號3樓)

(No.6, Ln. 53, Sec. 1, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 10441, Taiwan)


現場導覽 Exhibition Tour


日期 / Dates:12. 18 (Sun)  &  12. 25 (Sun)

時間 / Time:1pm, 3pm


現場活動 Event



“A Light, Belong to Me” Lamp Assembling Workshop


日期 / Date: 12. 25 (Sun.)

時間 / Time:1pm, 3pm (每個梯次限定四人 / 4 persons limit)

活動報名 / Registration:http://www.accupass.com/go/metadesign


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