Pushpin 邊几 / Pushpin Natural Cork

Esaila / Design by Kenyon Yeh

PUSHPIN 外型靈感來自於辦公室必備文書用品圖釘,既是凳子也可以作為矮桌,可配合空間需求,彈性運用。軟木塞材質來自於可不斷重複再生達 200 年的橡樹樹皮,不僅環保,還擁有防水、防火等特性,此產品也可作為室外傢俱之用。


Inspired by office drawing pins shape, and blown the dimension up to create a playful interior element that's flexible as it is fun. Notice the simple shape and explore the material at the same time. Pushpin is good to be a single side table beside a working desk, bedroom or sofa as well as practical to be a group of stools in a café, a restaurant garden, and other public spaces.


材質 / Material : 軟木塞 / solid cork

尺寸 / Size : 32/38 (Ø) x 47 (H) cm

 9,600 TWD


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