The Fun in the Details: Naho Selections Room

趣味就藏在細節裡:「Naho選品房」 日本插畫家小川奈穗的台北旅遊書《大家好,我是Naho:來自日本插畫家的台北發現》熱騰騰地剛上市;書中與臺北大街小巷有關的每一個文字、每一幀插圖都是小川親自走踏、學習的成果。書中也介紹了玩味旅舍。但特別的是,小川畫下在玩味住過的房間、裡頭的主要傢俱飾品都是她親自挑選的,每件傢俱物品都有其意味。跟隨這位日本專業插畫家的眼光,我們重現了小川的自選房,讓旅遊書上一筆一劃再現出來的房間物件,從紙上復歸,成為獨一無二的「Naho選品房」。 Japanese illustrator Naho Ogawa just released her first illustration travel book Hi Everyone, I’m Naho: The Discovery of Taipei by a Japanese Illustrator, in which she realized each step she walked in the streets, each cultural pieces she learned about Taipei with her own insights into hundreds of illustration works. Play Design Hotel is honored to be part of the wonderful book. In particular, the illustration of PDH that Naho produced is the room she stayed tw

Let the Modern Art and Traditional Wisdom Be at Your Side: Cheng-Tsung Feng’s “Beside”

讓現代藝術-傳統智慧與民相傍而存:范承宗的裝置計畫「旁邊」 范承宗是一位專注於竹工藝設計與藝術的台灣設計師,最近他在芎林鄉完成了一件名為「旁邊」(”beside”)的竹編裝置藝術。「旁邊」是一個雕塑、一個休憩的空間,也是一盞燈;完成之後,它更成為了當地居民和旅客爭相拍照的景點。令人驚艷的是,這個作品不只是他獨力完成的,而是由六十位沒有竹編經驗的芎林在地的居民共同參與製作實現。 Cheng-Tsung Feng, a Taiwanese designer who specializes in bamboo craft design and art, recently completed a bamboo installation art called "beside" in the Teng Yu-hsien Music Culture Park of Qionglin Township (Hsinchu County, Taiwan). The installation is a sculpture, a space for relaxation, and a lamp; after completion, it has become a tourist attraction for local residents and visitors to take pictures with. This installation was not only made by him alone, but with sixty local residents of Qionglin part

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