9/30-10/15 Sensational Ways to Play Design in “Sound of Design”

凡於 9 月 30 日至 10 月 15 日入住玩味旅舍的客人,即可享有免費展覽票券兩張! The guests who stay in Play Design Hotel during exhibition “Sound of Design” from September 30 to October 15 will get 2 free exhibition tickets! 來去「聽見設計展」玩味「生活的聲音」 初秋涼風,我們將為您推薦一檔特別的「聲音」展,9 月 30 日至 10 月 15 日於華山 1914 創意園區舉行的「聽見設計展」。 In the cool breeze of autumn, we introduce you a new sensational way to enjoy design style. The special exhibition “Sound of Design” will be held at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, from September 30 to October 15. 如果一個品牌欲推出音樂產品,除了 CD 還有什麼想像?「聽見設計展」將音樂結合品牌、商品、設計等元素,邀集 #nude、Design Butik、Eye Candle、Sense30、琅茶五個品牌,在食衣住行等生活面向中,讓你體會音樂的各種可能。展前,主辦單位也公開徵件,尋找音樂人為品牌量身打造音樂,主辦方則從設計的角度為品牌搭配挑選音樂。 If a design brand wants to launch a music

Free Tickets to 2016 Taiwan Designers’ Week!

凡於 9 月 23 日至 10 月 2 日入住玩味旅舍的客人,即可享有免費展覽票券兩張! The guests who stay in Play Design Hotel during Taiwan Designers' Week from September 23 to October 2 will get 2 free exhibition tickets! 台灣設計師週十週年! 玩味旅舍與您一起見證設計影響力! 9/23-10/2 2016 Taiwan Designers’ Week: Join Us to Witness Design’s IMPACT 台灣設計師週今年迎來第十週年,將於 9 月 23 日至 10 月 2 日,在臺北松山文創園區隆重登場。2016 台灣設計師週以「影響力」(Impact)為題,凸顯設計已不僅是一個產品,而是設計師對外拋出的一道力量,是一股在人與人之間、在生活的細節、在社會上尋找改變契機的動能。透過投入生活中的設計能量,帶動周遭事物的對話互動,進一步對彼此產生影響,迸發更多反饋及想像。設計不會在產出後便停止,而會持續發揮影響力,創造更多正向「影響力」。 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Taiwan Designers’ Week (hereafter: TWDW). This year’s TWDW will kick off on September 23 at Taipei Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, with the exhibition end

Play Design Hotel Won the 2016 Innovation by Design Awards

We are excited to share the amazing news with you: Play Design Hotel has received an Honorable Mention in the User Experience category in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards! 美國新創商業網站 Fast Company 已遴選出 2016 年創新設計獎得主(Innovation By Design Awards),玩味旅舍獲選「使用者體驗」類別的榮譽獎! Innovation By Design is the only competition to honor creative projects at the intersection of design, business, and innovation. It aims at highlighting the industry’s best work to elevate the industry as a whole. It recruited an all-star jury across designers, architects, executives, and venture capitalists from companies such as Google, Ideo, Pentagram, Airbnb, IBM, Microsoft, Wolff Olins, Snøhetta, Khosla Ventures,

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