8/16-8/29 - 13 Design Brands Make [Not Only selection] Now !

Today we’d like to recommend a joint exhibition ‘NOT ONLY selection’ held from 16/8 to 29/8 at Dayeh-Takashimaya Department Store(4F). 今天玩味想和大家推薦8/16-8/29期間在天母⼤葉⾼島屋四樓⼩畫廊展出的【不只是選物】展 ! “NOT ONLY selection” is hold by Woo Collective, which established in 2015, inherits Taiwanese traditional craftsmanship and creates on Tin crafts. Base on the skills they learnt, Woo develops a technic of rubbing natural material textures to embody and print wood, fabric and cloud textures onto its tin products for daily use.Woo’s works are like an entrance, inviting us to experience local stories of Tin crafts and Taiwan. 【不只是選物】展由Woo Collective發起,Woo於2015年成立,在製錫的傳統技法基礎上研發創新出新的技法,將大自然萬物紋路以「翻拓印」的方式產生獨一無二的樹紋、雨紋和木

8/9 A Chinese Valentine’s Special:Meet the design of Eighty-Eightea and Yenchenyawen in the room!

Meet the design of Eighty-Eightea and Yenchenyawen in the room! 七夕住房限定!八拾捌茶玫瑰烏龍+Yenchen & Yawen設計燭台與您相遇玩味旅舍 On August 9th, you will not only taste a rose oolong tea, but enjoy romance with candle lights in Play Design Hotel. Rose Oolong Tea is a new product made by indigenous tea brand - Eighty-Eightea. The tea was made out of organic litchi rose raising by natural clean water in Puli and Four Season Oolong in Mingjian of Nantou. Through antique scenting techniques, the sweetness of litchi was gently blended into the tea. Lodgers on August 9th will receive a cold brew tea and a can of rose oolong tea leaves as gifts for Chinese Valentine’s Day. 來晚與眾不同的七夕夜? 玩味旅舍此次精選八拾捌茶的玫瑰烏龍,與Yenchen & Yawen

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