2016/7/1 - 9/30 Summer gift #2 Taiwan Fruit Beers

Looking for fun ways to beat the heat? This summer, Play Design Hotel invited everyone to drink the freshly brewed TAIWAN BEER with fruit flavours added and discover how design can be interpreted in the rooms with our selections !! 夏日炎炎來玩味就對了!玩味選擇了採用在地鮮果釀造的「台灣啤酒水果系列」,讓客人消暑的同時也能品嘗台灣好設計。 Sometimes innovation is about creating new value based on the past presence. Like Taiwan Beer, a century-old brand, changed its brew fortified with juice of locally grown fruit in order to increase its appeal on younger consumers; Play Design Hotel was actually transformed from the 38-year-old He-Tai Hotel (和泰大飯店), which makes international travelers have an opportunity to experience the “spirit” of the place

2016/7/1 - 9/30 Summer gift #1 Play Bubbles

How can bubble gum become a designer work ! ? 泡泡糖也能變身成設計品!? The First Design Bubble Gum on Taipei street was born from one of the projects run by “Do You A Flavor”, a Taiwanese company that develops solutions to help the homeless and vulnerably housed people positively change their lives. They redesigned the 飛壘 bubble gum package with Yung-Chen Nieh, one of the most outstanding graphic designers in Taiwan. 長期關注街賣者權益的「人生百味」,與台灣人從小吹到大的飛壘口香糖攜手,找來知名平面設計師─聶永真,聯手打造出台灣一款設計師泡泡糖,不僅協助街賣者將產品包裝大改造,也結合了2016年「世界設計之都」在台北的盛事,讓泡泡糖好吃、好玩又好看。 The bubble gum used to create many great memories that had accompanied us in our childhood, but this year it brings more meaning back into our lives and has been featured

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