2016/6/9 Happy Dragon Boat Festival !

How do you celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival? 今天端午節大家都怎麼慶祝呢? In order to greet our guests from Shanghai (they booked our five rooms at a time !!), we combined the Taiwanese design work, ‘Culture Placement’ plate designed by Localware with the fresh fruit zong-zi (粽子) made from Cafefan Bakery. The guests can truly celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, one of the most important traditional festivals in China and get inspired with Taiwan‘s design energy ! 今年端午,玩味把 Localware 俗器的“文化置入”設計瓷盤與 咖芳工作室 的水果冰Q粽結合,讓來自上海的客人們 ( 他們把玩味五間房全包下了!),不僅能在異地感受過節氣氛,也體驗了台灣蓬勃的創意設計能量。 With the concept of aesthetic conflicts between contemporary technology and traditional culture, the plate cleverly integrates commercial

2016/5/21 - 5/25 Andrew’s stay in Play Design Hotel PART2

Andrew : “This is the playful concrete items i loved in the Tea room. they seem so easy to make and the play between concrete and plants is so nice. feels very organic. the imperfection makes it so much better…. Following by the post yesterday, Andrew is also a sucker for wood that he really enjoyed our Tea Room - all the wood and metals and concrete design he found turns into a wonderful mix of natural feeling materials. "The bluetooth speaker was great. I looked up Minifort after to see they are a Taiwanese speaker company, which is cool!” — MIN16 (無線藍芽音響) designed by Minfort Taiwan “I tried the Eighty-Eightea tea and enjoyed reading through some of the other guests experiences with the te

2016/5/21 - 5/25 Andrew’s stay in Play Design Hotel PART1

Last week, we were so lucky to have an amazing guest from San Francisco, Andrew Deagon. He was actually a mechanical designer who had ever worked for Nest / Google. After staying in the different rooms, he shared that good design is the complete experience. For him, 505 Maker room is more playful and some of his favorites include …. “Hanging spaces are always great. This item in particular is wonderful because i can hang my clothes – but i can also move this whole hanging space. It also doesn’t extend out of the wall too much and is just a creative spin on wall hangers.” — HoHo clothes stand (呵呵笑也) designed by 木府Keefü wood studio “I spent a good 20 min examining how this lamp was made. Its q

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