2016/4/7 - 6/7 Taiwan by Design x Zec-Zec Book Pre-Order Campaign

As a foreigner, what is your impression of Taiwan? If you had to choose a product to represent Taiwan design, which will you choose: 1. Rice Cooker 2. Bowl 3. Scooter 4. Chair ? 對你來說,你對台灣的印象是什麼?什麼是最能代表台灣的設計作品? 是具有台灣飲食文化記憶的「大同電鍋」、承載著地方人文的「趣遊碗」、科技與綠能完美結合的「GOGORO 電動機車」,還是將古典太師椅與塑膠凳混搭成的「圈凳」? This is a question that the Australian curator Annie Ivanova would like to ask everyone when she aims to create “Taiwan by Design”, the first comprehensive book about the elements and influences shaping a new Asian design aesthetic from the beautiful island called “Taiwan”. 這是來自澳洲墨爾本的國際策展人Annie Ivanova,對大家提出的問題。不會說中文的她,因為對台灣設計充滿興趣,耗時2年走訪全台350家公司,進行120場的訪談,蒐羅最動人的88種設計,集結成《Taiwan by Design》英文書。 The book Intro

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