2016/3/18 - 4/14  'Books of Wonder' curated by SiaoYin Gu 古曉茵x Naho Ogawa 小川奈穗x VVG Thinking

Today we'd like to recommend a joint exhibition 'Books of Wonder' held from 3/18 to 4/14 at VVG Thinking (inside the Huashan 1914 Creative Park). One of the curators, Naho Ogawa is an illustrator petite jet-setter based in Tokyo.. Since 4-5 years ago, she start to having opportunities to work for Taiwanese clients as well. Currently, she is preparing for an illustrated travel book about Taipei which will be published in this summer in Taiwan! — this is how she found our hotel during her research.. 今天玩味想和大家推薦一個立體插畫展'Books of Wonder',從3/18至4/14在華山VVG Thinking 展出,策展人之一Naho Ogawa小川奈穗是來自日本的自由插畫家,喜歡一邊旅行一邊畫畫,近兩年她開始接觸台灣客戶,意外地有了出版台灣旅遊插畫書的想法。在她蒐集書中素材的過程,去年她來到玩味旅舍,我們很開心能介紹她和SiaoYin Gu 古曉茵認識,也因為這個緣份促成

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