Looop衣架 / Looop coat hanger

Looop 掛衣架由一根金屬絲彎曲而成。金屬絲宛延形成三個環形空間,分別為寬闊的肩部支撐和衣架中心的穩定結構,無焊接的彎折交界處自然形成一個“夾子”,增加了收納吊掛衣物飾品的功能。簡潔輕快的線條為衣掛空間增添了䘿代的設計感。適合商業展示空間和家居環境等不同場景的使用。


Looop, a versatile coat hanger, is formed by one continuous piece of steel wire. A series of three loops is drawn in the 3D space to shape a steady structure and extra-wide non-slip shoulders spontaneously. The clean and sleek design with a beautiful simplicity adds a modern twist to the wardrobe. Ideal for commercial display space and domestic use.


Designer: 秋雅婷/Ya Ting Qiu


Materials : Stainless steel, Powder coating

Dimension: 41.8(l) x 54.8(w) x 16(h) cm

Designer: 秋雅婷/Ya Ting Qiu

Silver / 銀色:315 TWD

Black / 黑色:295 TWD


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