Studio Kanari

結合實用功能與裝飾效果,Light Server 融合景觀地燈與燭台的桌燈,經過分離與組合後能提供數種不同類型照明。上半部燈罩能獨立成為一個景觀地燈,燈座部分則可當作燭台使用,當兩個部份組合起來會是一個造型美觀與操作方便的桌燈及可旋轉角度的閱讀燈。 Light Server 能帶給使用者獨特的使用經驗及感受。


A fusion of functional and decorative, old and modern, Light Server redefines the indoor lighting. Incorporating ancient time lighting of fire and candles and modern time lighting of electricity and light bulb, Light Server is a multifunctional desk lamp with removable shade. It can be used as reading light, but when the shade is removed, the bottom serves as candleholder, and the shade could be placed on flat surface as studio light. Light Server is characteristic and bringing you new experience of lighting.


材質 / Material:鋁、鐵 / aluminum, iron

尺寸 / Size:18.6 (L) x 18.6 (W) x 43.3 (H) cm

電壓 / Voltage:110V / 220V

燈泡 / Light Bulb:E27, MAX 27W

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