Naho Selections Room

Curated by Naho Ogawa and Play Design Hotel


$5,000 TWD

Follow Naho and Travel in Taipei !

The room is curated by Japanese illustrator Naho Ogawa, furnished with her meticulously selected design items. Join us to follow naho's insights and enjoy Taiwan Design.

Naho's Selections:

In this room, we suggest that you:

1. Find the preview pamphlet on the desk and read the excerpts from the newly published The Discovery of Taipei by Naho Ogawa.

2. Learn from Naho's choice f Taiwan designers' furniture.

3. Visit Zhongshan district and Daodaocheng, and apply the illustration stickers of the tourist spots you visited to the pamphlet, select favorite spots and check in at or upload to instagram with "the Naho" on the desk. You'll gain a new book by Naho.

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